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Mobile Website InfographicSmartPhones are growing hugely in popularity and there are now over 4 billion mobile devices in use worldwide. As this new technology behind the smartphones develops, users are no longer limited to calling and texting, they can now use their phones to access websites, transfer money and buy products online.

Most people who search for a product or service using their mobile phones are ready to buy because, generally speaking they are out and about and looking for that product or service right away, because they have an immediate need for…

  • a taxi
  • a place to eat
  • a place to get their hair done
  • a place to stay on an unexpected stop-over
  • where the local night-life is
  • a tow truck

What does this mean to you and your business, well it means you can’t ignore mobile visitors to your website any more, you need a website that will work for people browsing via a desktop or via a smaller device. On your desktop website can be all the “bells and whistles” but on your mobile site you need to make sure certain things are prominent e.g a noticeable “call” button,  your location and your services.

WebsiteCompareV1Just to show you how bad a normal website “can” look on a mobile phone and how hard it can be for a mobile visitor to navigate around a site, here is a side by side mock-up of how a normal website looks on a mobile and how it could look!

Hope Web Services can help you achieve this in two ways, listed below are two types of website packages, Responsive Only Websites and Responsive PLUS Mobile Theme (on the same domain name) so no need for a redirect to a separate mDot domain. More information on what the difference is, can be found below.

If you have been thinking about moving to a mobile/responsive website or adding a mobile website but are confused about it all, or just want to find out more then please do get in touch and let’s have a chat. You can call me on 07854079821 or send me a message.

Or if you know what you want, then have a look at some of your options below.

Responsive Only Websites (no separate mobile design)

These packages are cheaper because there is less work to create the desktop and mobile versions (basically, we are just building one website which will display well on desktop and mobile), however, it should be noted that the speed the site loads on a mobile device is not as quick as the separate mobile theme packages below.

Marcus Bentley DesktopV1smallWhat does “responsive” mean? In simple terms, it means your website will respond and rearrange itself according to the size of the device trying to access it. For example, PC, tablet, smartphone.

On the left you can see a screenshot of Marcus Bentley’s responsive website and how it looks on a desktop computer.Marcus Bentley Site Mobile On IphoneV1small

When the same site is viewed on a mobile device, the responsive design will stack the elements of the page, from top to bottom, left to right, you can see in the iPhone screenshot to the right, the header area, followed by the contact details.

As explained above, these details are the most important and therefore have click to call and click to email buttons which are both immediately visible and easy to use, without making the visitor either scroll or have to tap the screen to make it larger, one quick tap and they are in touch with his agents and Marcus gets more work, simples!

Responsive PLUS Different Mobile design (add £100 to package prices)

These packages are slightly more expensive than the Responsive only packages because the separate mobile theme is another design job (so we are building two websites), often containing different content to the main desktop site, however, it should be noted that the speed the site loads on a mobile device is incredibly fast, often passing the mobile site speed test at 100%, not so for the responsive only sites.

Site loading time is a major consideration if your visitors are likely to access your site mostly via their mobile, e.g. restaurant visitors, perhaps new to your area and only have their phones to search for somewhere to eat and who just want to know what kind of cuisine you offer, your prices, where you are and a clickable telephone number in order to make a reservation. They want to find this information quickly and efficiently, otherwise, Hope Web Services DesktopV1smallwell they just move on in their search via their phones to the next restaurant in the list (your competitors whose site does load quickly for them).

On the left you can see a screenshot of my own website, desktop responsive version and on the right you can see a screenshot of the same website (no redirection to another URL) of this site when viewed on an iPhone 4. Basically, when you visit my site you will see the responsive version on a desktop, laptop or tablet but if you are using anything smaller than that you will see the mobile design.MySiteMobileOnIphoneV1w206

Doing it this way, I am able to streamline what a mobile visitor will see and keep the site loading for them very quickly, they can see what I do and can immediately call me, all without moving around the site (unless they want to, which they will find quick and easy).


With the mobile theme I use to customise for myself and my clients I can also add a custom web app (seen in the image to the left) that any visitor who uses an iOS device can download to their phone and then all they need do is tap it from their phone screen to get instant access, very nifty and very useful for businesses such as restaurants, hair salons, tow trucks, plumbers, taxis and a host of other service based businesses.

Dont Ask Us

The table below lists our “Responsive Website Packages”
£100 will be added to the prices below if you need a separate mobile design

  • Website Packages:

  • Prices:

  • WordPress Install
  • Theme Install & Design
  • eg, Home, About, ContactPages
  • e.g. Contact or Optin BoxForms
  • Home Slider
  • Fancy Image Gallery
  • eCommerce
  • Free QR Code Account
  • Free Training by the hour
  • Simple

  • £150

  • yes
  • You Supply Logoyes
  • Up to 3yes
  • 1 Formyes
  • Can buy an Add-Onno
  • Can buy an Add-Onno
  • Can buy an Add-Onno
  • Can buy an Add-Onno
  • Can buy an Add-Onno
  • Standard

  • Normally £350!


  • yes
  • Header/Logo design includedyes
  • Up to 6yes
  • 2 Formsyes
  • Up to 5 imagesyes
  • Up to 10 Imagesyes
  • Can buy an Add-Onno
  • Can buy an Add-Onno
  • 1 Houryes
  • Advanced

  • £600

  • yes
  • Header/Logo design includedyes
  • Up to 10yes
  • 3 Formsyes
  • Up to 10 Imagesyes
  • Up to 20 imagesyes
  • Part of 10 pages. Responsive Only.yes
  • yes
  • 2 hoursyes

If the above packages do not meet your requirements, please get in touch via our contact form so that we can discuss your individual case and therefore tailor a package for you.